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Posted in General Things on May 05, 2014

Between classes, practice, team meetings, and finding time to study, the lifestyle of a student-athlete creates challenges in meeting nutritional demands. At Auburn University, we believe nutrition has a direct effect in helping our athletes achieve their true potential.For sound nutrition information and guidance, AU Sports Medicine offers nutrition education and counseling by a sports dietitian.

Many other vitamins and minerals play very important roles in the diet of an athlete. To date, research has not shown any direct benefit or enhanced performance results from taking added supplements of any specific vitamin or mineral, no matter the size of the athlete or the chosen sport. Even the potassium and sodium losses experienced by athletes who sweat on a hot day or in a long event can easily be met by drinking fluids and eating a normal diet, since these electrolytes are so widely available in foods. However, it is suggested that most people take a daily needs level multiple vitamin and mineral supplement every day.

Sports nutrition is a rapidly growing field of study. Careers in sports nutrition lead to work with individuals and groups who are healthy, active and highly competitive or are seeking to develop or rebuild an active, healthy lifestyle. and am interested in entering the field of sports nutrition. Most of my clinical experience so far has been in long term care. Please advise me on how to go about entering sports nutrition. Also please inform me about any web sites in this area of nutrition. Thank you. Here is some basic sports nutrition information for young athletes, families and the professionals who support them. Contact us — we can help!

Aim for food first. Nutrient rich foods provide all the energy and nutrition your body needs for best performance and are cheaper than sports supplements. If you need a sports supplement, look for those with a complete nutrition label such as sports bars, drinks and gels. Be skeptical of the promises, as some supplements have caused athletes to test positive for banned substances. Choose bars that are low in fat with at least 10 g of protein and 30 g carbohydrate. From expertly formulated supplements to healthy foods to fitness accessories, has hundreds of sports nutrition products to help you accomplish your sports and fitness goals.

TWU graduate students who seek an MS in Exercise and Sports Nutrition (ESN) take a variety of courses in nutrition and kinesiology. This program will train students to help bring about lifestyle changes in exercise and nutrition habits for individuals and groups. It can provide students with opportunities to acquire strong research skills if desired and all students will have applied learning experiences in both the classroom and in health-related settings. We now have three locations to serve you! Come in 7 days a week for Vitamins, Weight-loss, Sports Nutrition Supplements and more!

Welcome to Carolina Sports Nutrition, the Carolinas’ premier sports nutrition distributor! We are the Carolinas’ exclusive Met-Rx/Worldwide distributor and carry an extensive selection of leading sports nutrition supplements and beverages. And while the forecast for Sports RDs is brighter now than ever before, there are miles to go before sports nutrition and CPSDA The vision of this Sports Nutrition Emphasis is to be identified as the first graduate program with an emphasis in sports nutrition at a regionally accredited university in Georgia. The emphasis of this model program will assist graduate students to develop the theoretical knowledge and abilities to become more knowledgeable in sports nutrition.

Two Certificate in Sports Nutrition courses are required as part of the master’s nutrition program. Students enrolled in or considering the master’s program can also use one Certificate of Sports Nutrition courses as an elective in the master’s program. However, students must apply simultaneously to the master’s program in order for these courses to apply to the master’s program. But supporting your health and fitness goals doesn’t stop there. We also provide expert advice through our award-winning monthly magazine, Max Sports and Fitness, Personalized Nutrition Plans, our MaxFormation Life Challenge, as well as cutting-edge fitness apparel to keep you comfortable and looking great.

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