Difference Between a Pressure Cooker and a Pressure Canner08.02.15

Is there a contrast between a weight cooker and a weight canner? Quite a few people who methodology canning interestingly make this inquiry. 
Indeed, the answer is that they are essentially the same thing since they utilize weight cooking as their cooking system. In any case, the cooker that you are going to use for canning needs to have notable components. 
The primary distinction is the size 
A weight canner is bigger in size than a weight cooker. Canners have for the most part a limit of 10 Quarts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, in light of the fact that they must be sufficiently huge to oblige a specific number of jugs on the base. Along these lines, you can utilize a bigger slow cooker reviews for canning too. 
Then again, weight canners can be utilized for weight cooking, despite the fact that in view of their vast size and weight they are not extremely reasonable to handle for ordinary cooking. 
The material 
Cookers are typically made of stainless steel, aluminum or mixes of both materials (aluminum is in the center of a stainless steel “sandwich”). Stainless steel is not a decent warm conductor so aluminum (or much copper) is added to repay it. 
Most weight canners are all aluminum. 
The weight settings 
Weight cookers as a rule have a working weight of 15 psi (this is the standard). For the most part, today’s cookers accompany an extra lower working weight setting for the reasons of cooking more sensitive fixings and suppers (like fish), however you are in all probability going to utilize the 15 psi setting. A reduction to 12 or 10 psi will expand the cooking times. 
Weight canning oblige the utilization of diverse working weights. The weight you are going to use for you’re canning depends from the container’s size you are utilizing, the sharpness of the sustenance you are canning and the elevation of your area. Along these lines, you have to expand it in the event that you are canning low causticity sustenances or if your area is on higher elevations. Purchasing a canner with three distinctive weight settings is perfect. 
The gasket 
Cookers for the most part have fixing rings made of elastic or silicone (gaskets) with the end goal of making a hermetically sealed environment inside the cooker and keeping the air and steam from getting away. 
There are weight canners (like the All American canner) that have exceptional metal-to-metal fixing frameworks. Having a canner without a gasket can be truly convenient in light of the fact that there is no compelling reason to wash it each time you utilize the canner or to purchase another one sometimes.

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